Civil Engineering

Technical and management skills employed by ASEDA Consulting Engineers (Pty)Ltd span experiences within various sectors of the industry with other established firms including Government, Municipalities and large Consulting practices as well as with major contractors. Our pool of expertise in this field includes detailed storm water drainage design and construction, waste water systems design and management, bulk water supply pipelines and water reticulation design and construction, and other related services.

Traffic & Transportation Engineering

Our Traffic and Transportation section uses engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways. We cover the following:

● National and provincial roads design and construction,

● Rural and township roads design and construction,

● Pavement rehabilitation and maintenance,

● Transportation planning and policy,

Structural Engineering

ASEDA Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd retains expertise in projects ranging from institutional to commercial and industrial developments. Specific knowledge has been gained through substantial involvement in the design and implementation of:

● Reinforced concrete building frames,

● Numerous Reinforced Concrete slabs, bases and other minor elements,

● Structural steel building frames, portals, trusses etc,

● Foundation design for various specialized soil conditions

Project Management

Our Engineers and management have continuous sought to improve retained skilled by undertaking formal studies in Project Management and Business Management in the quest for latest best practices. Our skills and superior expertise have been extended to in-house projects, private and government clients. Our Project Management services include:

● Undertaking, facilitation and management of feasibility studies,

● Management of design and implementation processes,

● Pre and post development quality control,

● Assembly and coordination of project teams,

● Management of project schedules,

● Cost and budget control,

● Documentation management,

● Large Commercial and Industrial developments.

Audit & Evaluation

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Township Services & Socio-Economic Development

Involvement of communities and local contractors on projects in which specific social upliftment is the objective:

● Housing projects that included, planning, design and construction monitoring,

● Occupancy auditing of the government housing schemes,

● Community empowerment by skills transfer,

● Employment creation and skills development,

● Consummate Engineering solutions to suit objectives,

● Quality control ensuring client and investor needs are protected.

Detailed Storm Water Drainage Design & Construction

Water Reticultion Design & Management

Bulk Water Supply

Roads Design & Construction

Pavement Rehabilitation & Maintenance

Transportation Planning & Policy


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